Under Development

Lodi Mult

Status: Beta Testing

Overview: A simple signal expander, this building block module allows either standard multiplication of signals, or (with modifications), the ability to switch signal flow or perform simple digital logic (such as “OR”).



Washtenaw Wave Morpher

Status: Development

Overview: A MIDI controller in eurorack form that is a companion for the Terminal Tedium module by mxmxmx. It’s designed for a patch called Washtenaw Wave Morpher. The faders and buttons are all labeled just for that patch and essentially extend the Terminal Tedium with more interface options, but you can flip the panel over to reveal a blank side that you can use to write in your own labels for your own patches. It uses MIDI over USB to connect to the Terminal Tedium and is powered by USB. Experimenting with DIY ‘vactrols’ (LED/LDR combos) to allow for CV input (however, not super accurate and with a bit of slew, of course).

Github: Coming

Ann Arbor Percussion Synthesizer


Status: Development

Overview: A digital percussion synthesizer, built on the Arduino-based Teensy platform. Current plans are to develop several lines of this module, each optimized for different types of drum voices.

Github: https://github.com/NorthCoastModularCollective/Ann-Arbor-Percussion-Synthesizer

Holland Wave Filter

Status: Concept

Overview: A triple bandpass filter, inspired by a classic Korg design for the PS-3300. This module uses an internal LFO to modulate the filter; the LFO can be free-running, or synced to an external clock.

Github: https://github.com/NorthCoastModularCollective/Holland-Wave-Filter