_M__R_T__K™ is an artist and musician from Chicago, United States best known for his work as a modular performer. Creating music with an exciting genre-bending sonic style that fuses classic modular synthesis techniques and the beat driven textures of 90s era Hip-Hop, Boom Bap. Live performances are structured around minimalist compositions using both analog and digital tools, including tape loops, custom made vinyl and modular synthesizers. 
Rooted in DIY music culture, _M__R_T__K™ is always pushing the boundaries across the ever-evolving visual and sonic landscape, giving us a sneak peak into his unique take on what it means to be a Hip-Hop artist in 2019. 
A composite style that bridges the gap between Hip-Hop’s underground and the Eurorack scene. _M__R_T__K™ represents the new and defining sound of modular music.