Christina (Hanna) Dakroub is a Multi/Interdisciplinary Digital Improviser, Sound Designer, Music Producer, Digital DJ & VDMX VJ based in the Metro Detroit area. Tinkering with synthesizers since the age of three, she grew up curious about music production and decided to become a bedroom producer in 2004. In 2010, a co-worker & friend DJ Thread exposed her to the music of Skrillex, and from there she bought an Ableton Live book to learn about the software. Quickly she discovered that she couldn’t make a sound with the software, so she went online to do more research and in that moment discovered Dubspot Online, down the rabbit hole she went! Since then she has completed Dubspot’s Ableton Live Music Producer Certificate program and traveled to Berlin, Germany to attend the Ableton Loop Summit in 2015 where she attended a talk “From artist to engineer and back again: coding as artistry ” there she met Alexandra C├árdenas, one of the presenters who introduced her to the concept of Live Coding and Algorave. Immediately following, Christina started a new job where she met Joshua Parmenter, one of the main contributors to SuperCollider software. Together, Christina partnered with Vectorform, an innovation company based in Royal Oak, MI to host Alexandra, Joshua, to host Detroit’s first ever Algorave on November 10, 2016 with another remote live code musician, Shelly Knotts. Since then, Christina has been experimenting with Live Coding original sounds in Tidal Cycles, as well as making music videos using free images and VJing live using VDMX software that she learned while studying at Dubspot.

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