Flint Fader

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Overview: Sometimes you want a fader. Nothing fancy, just up and down precise voltage control.

This little workhorse does just that: provides voltages from between 0v to +5v in a slim 2hp package with a solid slide potentiometer.

Want four faders in a row?

  • Just stack 4 Flint Faders next to each other.

Want the voltage to go from +5v to 0v?

  • Just flip the voltage direction switch on the back of the module.

Want to have the output jack on the top instead of the bottom?

  • Just flip the front panel and then change the voltage direction switch on the backside of the module.

This module pairs very well with other modules that have CV inputs with no interface controls, like the wonderful Disting or Ornament and Crime modules.


A single fader can:

  • Provide an always-on or off gate.
  • Be used with a precision adder to add an offset to a sequencer.
  • Create controlled new melody lines when used with a quantizer.
  • Bring modulation to any module that doesn’t have a dedicated control

A row of faders can:

  • Audio Mixer by connecting to the CV to a multiple VCAs
  • Sweep the frequency of multiple filters simultaneously


Voltage Direction Switch

  • 0v to +5v or +5v to 0v

Reversible panel

  • Fader and Jack position is interchangeable, top to bottom

Secure, playable panel-mounted fader.

  • attached with screws

Small case footprint

  • Can easily be placed next to modules as a modulation source or in a row of with multiple Flint Faders.

$5 from each sale will go toward the United Way of Genesee County Flint Water Fund.


  • width: 2hp
  • depth: 22mm (beneath panel)
  • +12v Current Draw: 4mA
  • -12v Current Draw: 0mA
  • +5v Current Draw: 0mA


North Coast Modular Collective Flint Fader on Modular Grid