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January 11, 2019 Meetup: Getting Started

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Save the date!

When: 1-5 pm on January 11, 2019

Where: In the Secret Lab at Downtown Ann Arbor District Library

Theme: Getting Started

Do you want to make electronic music but aren’t sure where to get started? This event is for you. Do you make electronic music but want to talk with fellow creators? This event is for you, too.

North Coast Modular Collective and the University of Michigan’s MEMCO, a student electronic music club, are teaming up for an afternoon of sharing and socializing. We’ll talk about how you can get started making electronic music and offer some hands-on demonstrations.

Topics will include:

  • Getting started with DJing
  • Ableton Live Production Demystified
  • Introduction to DAW production with FL Studio
  • Getting started with Synth DIY
  • And more!


1:00 PM Introductions
1:30 PM Introduction to Live Coding
2:00 PM Getting Started with DJing
2:30 PM Ableton Live Production Demystified
3:00 PM Introduction to DAW Production with FL Studio
3:30 PM Getting Started with DIY
4:00 PM Getting Started with Live Visuals
4:30 PM Social Time

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