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North Coast Modular Collective exists in order to expand the skill, knowledge, and accessibility of the electronic music community through the development of music, instruments, and community resources.


North Coast Modular Collective (NCMC) advances electronic music artistry based on the values of equitable and inclusive socio-economic principles. We approach this by focusing on three strategic areas: music, instruments, and community.


We foster the growth of artists and makers by providing resources, community, and platforms for learning, making, sharing, and gaining exposure. This includes opportunities for performance, artistic development, and music releases.


We incubate the development of electronic instruments with the goal of increasing accessibility and equity for developing artists and makers. We provide a platform for selling these instruments to a global market and use the proceeds to reinvest in the development of community, instruments, and music.


We host events such as meetups, workshops, concerts, drop-in studio and lab time in order to give people an opportunity to participate in the development of music and instruments at whatever level they are comfortable.

Values & Principles

We value the processes of learning and teaching; curiosity and experimentation. We value inclusion and strive to make spaces where people feel comfortable asking any type of questions and learning through experimentation and experiential learning. We value the open, honest, thoughtful, transparent, and free exchange of ideas in a judgment-free way. We value a sense of space and place and its connection with the community. We value inclusion over financial gain.

Disambiguation: You are at the site for North Coast Modular Collective of southeastern Michigan, USA. If you are looking for North Coast Synthesis, Ltd. of Toronto, Canada; the work of Matthew Skala, his site is at   This North Coast and his North Coast are not related. However, even if you’re here intentionally, we still recommend checking out Matthew’s work once you’re done here.

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