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April 25, 2020 | AFRORACK Avalanche Oscillator Build-Along

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When: April 25th, 1 pm US/Eastern (5 pm GMT)

Where: Online, buy a kit from the North Coast Modular Collective Etsy store ( ) to get the URL to join in.


Got a soldering iron and used it a couple of times but wanted to get into synthesizer DIY (SDIY)? Want to help support AFRORACK’s mission of providing children and young adults of color access to modular synthesizers and sound design tools? In this live online build-along session, you’ll put together a basic synthesizer while learning how it and its components work and the related synthesis concepts. No prior experience with electronics or synthesizers needed. We just recommend that you have done some soldering in the past. You can either build along with us (we hope you do!) or just watch and build on your own later.

Build-along Online Event

On April 25th at 1pm EST, you can log in to see a streaming video (URL supplied after purchase of kit). From there we will provide you with an introduction to the kit, the electronics and synthesis concepts behind it, and some basics for approaching SDIY. Then, we will slowly step through the build process over streaming video, one step at a time. We’ll be able to answer basic questions over chat while you build. 

The Kit

We’ll be using a special, limited edition AFRORACK branded version of the North Coast Modular Collective “Mt. Brighton Avalanche Oscillator,” a community developed and open-source kit, designed specifically for learning. Its low part count, low complexity, and low cost is coupled with a transparency in design and function that makes it easier to understand and describe what is happening with the electricity and sound. When complete, you’ll have a simple, standalone battery operated synthesizer with a single knob for changing the pitch of the sound that you can plug headphones into, or other music gear. The kit comes with all the parts you’ll need to build it. You’ll have to supply the tools and solder to assemble it. 

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