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Emerging Technology In Art Festival 2023

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The ETA festival in Jackson, MI is a mega-event with live performances, audio-visual art installations, and learning experiences. NCMC will be there hosting a few “getting started” style workshops and demonstrations, along with some open exploration time for participants with a few modular synths, and then it closes out with a short live performance.

ETA Jackson is an innovative media arts festival that explores the power of art and technology to inspire our community through progressive art installations, interactive activities, and live music. More about ETA: Instagram | website

When: Saturday, October 14, from 3pm to 11pm

Where: Jackson School of the Arts 135 W. Cortland St. , Jackson, MI

Cost: FREE!


3:00-3:30: Open exploration time

3:30-4:00: Getting Started with Electronic Music (Bill Van Loo)

4:00-4:30: iPad Apps for Music (Jason Engling)

4:30-5:00: Open exploration time

5:00-5:30: Live Coding for Music and Video (David Minnix)

5:30-6:15: Intro to Modular Synthesis (Nick Gaydos & Joe Bauer)

6:15-6:30: Open exploration time

6:30-7:00: Live Relay Performance

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