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Kalamazoo Kammerl Clouds

Kalamazoo Kammerl Clouds

Status: AVAILABLE on Etsy

Overview: An alternative panel for the alternative firmware “Kammerl Beat Repeat” for the Clouds eurorack modular synthesizer module. The beat repeat firmware is a natural fit for the Clouds hardware platform, but the labelings on the knobs and jacks are so completely different that we got tired of referring to a manual each time we used it. So, we printed it all out on a panel and now we’re sharing with you, too! In true North Coast Modular Collective style, this panel features the topographical contour lines from the city of Kalamazoo, Michigan. You can choose between the white panel version, or the new black panel, which we like to think of as representing the cool night life of Kalamazoo.

Nice video overview of the Kammerl beat repeat firmware:


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