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Lodi Mult Passive Multiple

  • Lodi Mult (Assembled)
  • Lodi Mult (Panel & PCB)

About This Module

Lodi Mult is a 3hp passive 2×4 multiple for Eurorack synthesizers that is intended to be stylish and easy for DIY. It features two independent multiples, each with 4 jacks. It can be purchased as an assembled product, or as a DIY kit.

Like all North Coast Modular Collective panels, this design features topographical contour lines; this time, from the township of Lodi, Michigan.

Where To Buy

You can purchase this module via our Etsy shop. Buying a product helps support the non-profit goals of the collective.

Suggested Uses

This module can be used to take a signal and make multiple copies that you can send to other places in your modular system. For example, you might want to send the signal from an LFO to both the cutoff for a filter, as well as the level control in a VCA (voltage-controlled amplifier). By plugging your LFO’s output into one section of the mult, you can then send that signal into both the filter and the VCA, and still have one more output left to send to another place in your system!

Open Source Hardware

Lodi Mult is designed to be a perfect first DIY project. The module is entirely through-hole soldering, with minimal components. Because it is entirely passive (it requires no power supply) it takes away any worries about dealing with power.

This module is rated as an beginner build.

The DIY version of the kit includes the PCB and the front panel you’ll need to build your Lodi Mult.
In addition to soldering supplies, you will need to provide:
Jacks (qty: 8)
Jack nuts (qty: 8)

See the full build guide, including parts recommendations, at:


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