Lodi Mult Passive Multiple

Lodi Mult Passive Multiple

Lodi Mult Passive MultipleStatus: AVAILABLE Etsy

Overview:┬áLodi Mult is a 3hp passive 2×4 multiple for Eurorack synthesizers that is intended to be stylish and easy for DIY.

Like all North Coast Modular Collective panels, this design features the topographical contour lines from the township of Lodi, Michigan.

This package includes the PCB and the front panel you’ll need to build your Lodi Mult.

In addition to soldering supplies, you will need to provide:
– Jacks (qty: 8)
– Jack nuts (qty: 8)

Lodi Mult PCB and Panel

See the full build guide, including parts recommendations, at: http://bit.ly/LodiMult

The panel and PCB can be ordered separately to be used for your own projects (such as switched multiples).

Occasionally, fully assembled Lodi Mults will be available.