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This is a list of things that helped us get started. Hopefully they are useful for you, too. Are we missing something? Send us an email with your ideas!


Darwin Grosse’s Art + Music + Technology Podcast – Good and intelligent interviews with people in the electronic music scene.

Modular Grid – Online planning tool for organizing a case of Eurorack modules.

VCV Rack – Software version of Eurorack. Great for testing out ideas.

Bret Victor – Great insights for design.

Modular Technique

Colin Benders – Not only is he an amazingly talented Eurorack musician, but he frequently livecasts his practice and setup sessions while describing what he is doing. Great for learning some new modular methods.

Mylar Melodies YouTube Channel – Mylar has a great way of not just describing Eurorack modules in down-to-earth way, but also showing how you can use them musically. His videos stand out as being more than just a regurgitation of the manual.

Voltage Control Lab – Good Eurorack demos and tutorials.


Eurorack Technical and Mechanical Specs from Doepfer – A common reference for the “official” specs of Eurorack. If you’re thinking about doing any DIY in Eurorack this is must-read material.

Synth DIY Guy – Down to earth and beginner friendly DIY tutorials and ideas from the great Quincas Moreira. Mostly Eurorack.

GitHub – Lots of open source hardware and software is posted here. Make an account and contribute, too!

Teensy – This Arduino compatible MCU is a favorite of many NCMC members. The audio library is especially useful for rapid prototyping.

Barton Musical Circuits – Good DIY kits and the assembly instruction sheets include wonderful descriptions and explanations of the circuits used. Great for learning Synth DIY.

Local Vendors

Detroit Modular

Modular Addict




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