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June 23rd North Coast Modular Collective Meetup: Save the Date!

Save the date!

North Coast Modular Collective is hosting another meetup, where you can see what others are doing and share your interests, questions, curiosities, or ideas!

Who: Open to the public. If you’re into making sounds with electronic things, this is for you. If you’re into making electronic things that make sounds, this is for you. If you’re curious but have never done it before, this is for you.

Date/Time: Saturday June 23rd, 1pm – 4pm


Location: Menlo Innovations, 505 East Liberty, LL500 (downstairs), Ann Arbor, Michigan 48104

Theme: Programming


  • Presentation/performance #1 (TBA)
  • Presentation/performance #2 (TBA)
  • Around the room updates (shout out any opportunities, projects, etc.)
  • Socialize

Programming Theme

Our March Meetup generated some great ideas for upcoming topics. Since the June meetup will be held in a software factory, we thought it would be fitting to have the theme be “programming”. We’re applying some creative license to the interpretation of this theme, so you could see presentations or show-and-tells on anything from programming beats and melodies (sequencing) to DSP (Digital Signal Processing). Details will come soon, stay tuned! Comment below if you have other future topic suggestions, or ideas for presentations (including your own presentation or show-and-tell!).


9 thoughts on “June 23rd North Coast Modular Collective Meetup: Save the Date!”

  1. I will be attending this event and I have told some friends about this including some people from Detroit Modular. I feel like a vital part of creating electronic music is a real life community.

        1. Hi Adolf,
          The sound reinforcement will only be for the presentations at the beginning of the meetup. The agenda for this meetup is here:

          There will be a good amount of time at the end for “social time”, which is when people will generally mill about and talk with one another in small groups. If you bring a little bit of gear to share with others during that time we just ask that it not be too loud that others around the room can’t socialize 🙂

      1. I had a great time. I’m looking forward to next years. Will I see any of you guys at Knobcon? Thanks!

  2. Hello I’ll be attending and would love to give a presentation on Monome’s Teletype. It could be a quick show and tell, but if you’re interested in a more in depth presentation let me know.

    FYI Teletype is a Command Line Synthesizer. The user plugs a keyboard right into the module and edits the scripts which are assigned to one of the eight trigger inputs. The code is open source, so it’s really easy(and encouraged) to hack the firmware.

    1. Hi Ryan,
      Unfortunately the lineup for this meetup is already filled. But, you could still bring your teletype and talk with people who are interested about it during the social time after the formal presentations. Or, talk to one of us organizers when you’re at the meetup and we can get your presentation topic idea into the mix of presentations for future meetups!
      Joe Bauer

  3. Hi, have y’all come up with a program yet? Love to see what’s up. If you haven’t gotten a program I’d be happy to come do a show and tell about chaos patching.

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